Why Moissanite Rings Are Cheaper Than Diamond Rings?

Why Moissanite Rings Are Cheaper Than Diamond Rings?

The Moissanite not only has more than 2.5 times the brilliance effect that rivals diamond. It is also harder than many natural gems. In terms of price, it is said that the price of Moissanite rings is only one-tenth of the price of a diamond, which is also a key factor to attract consumers to buy. 

In the way of the price calculation, Moissanite rings also follow the diamond using 4C standard (carat weight, color, clarity, cutting style), even the classification is also very similar, through the same level Moissanite rings and diamond price comparison, Moissanite rings price is indeed much cheaper than diamond price. For example, in a professional bare diamond library, a 1-carat, F-color grade, VVS2 clarity grade diamond is quoted is about $8000. In a domestic brand, there is 1 carat, D-F color grade, VVS1-VVS2 clarity grade of Moissanite quotation is about $750. The price comparison reveals a difference of more than ten times between Moissanite rings and diamond rings. There is an enormous gap between the Moissanite rings and Diamond rings. This can be described in terms of the fundamental nature of both:

Most of Moissanites are synthetic gemstones.

There are two kinds of Moissanite: First, the natural Moissanite, which only appears in impact craters, is very rare, and its color is mostly dark green and black. The second is the synthetic Moissanite produced in the laboratory. 99% of what we see today is artificial Moissanite. And it is also a commercial name, in order to be as close as possible to diamonds, the chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide.

The main cost of Moissanite is technology and equipment, a new thing in the research and development at the early stage is a lot of energy and resources, so the price of Moissanite is not so cheap in the early days. But today, with the maturity of technology and equipment, more and more manufacturers can produce it, and the number of productions can be virtually unlimited. This does not require too much cost, just buy the instrument that can be made Moissanite, that is the reason of price will be lower than diamonds.Moissan Le Gemme

Diamond is a natural and non-renewable gemstone: Diamond, which is a natural mineral based on carbon element, is the hardest substance naturally occurring in nature. These kinds of gemstones are the industry's best cutting tools and the precious stones that many people dream of. As a naturally occurring mineral, people want to have a diamond is not easy. At first, the diamond was formed through hundreds of millions of years of high temperature and high pressure, after the exploration researchers looking for diamonds, after numerous human and material resources, the diamond was mined from hundreds of thousands of meters underground, after sorting, burnish, finally get into people's hands.Moissan Le Gemme

In addition, the price of natural diamonds, a large part of that is the capitalist operation raised the price many times over, synthetic gemstone has lower cost, more fashionable, and beautiful shape, but also large-scale production, so that diamond businesses feel great pressure, crisis, the nature of Moissanite is good, they will not take the initiative to fry it, not to raise its price. Therefore, the price of Moissanite on the market is much lower than the price of natural diamonds, but consumers, can buy more cost-effective products at a lower price, which is a good thing, so if the Moissanite jewelry, as far as you can buy, certainly will not buy loss. You know, the wearing effect of Moissanite jewelry and natural diamonds is the same, which is very hard to recognize.

Moissanite commercial marketing, in addition, to emphasize and similarity of natural diamond merchants and cheaper than diamonds, are often reluctant to mention Moissanites are synthetic which is the fact that there is no clear description of the facts or even mislead consumers feel it is a natural gem, this kind of marketing approach are not beneficial for this gemstone long-term development. Moissanite is not a substitute for diamond, just because it comes out later than diamond, and most of the Moissanite on the market is artificial, so the price is not expensive.