How To Measure Your Moissanite Ring Size

How To Measure Your Moissanite Ring Size

To help our customers finding a suitable Moissanite ring size, Moissan Le Gemme has put this complete ring size guide and tips of measure the ring size by yourself at home.

What is the right Moissanite size for a ring?

From the perspective of the Moissanite rings size, that is generally believed the appropriate size should be the best to rotate gently on the finger, and also can turn the ring around your finger a little bit. Some Moissanite rings do not take off easily it means that one is smaller than your finger. In addition, after wearing the Moissanite ring, when you gently swing your hand. If it is easy to swing out, it means that is large than yours.

When buying Moissanite engagement rings, Moissan Le Gemme advises our consumers to purchase a smaller one that will not fall or lose easily, but if Moissanite rings is too small away which is easy to choke your finger, for a long time that will affect the finger blood circulation, causing finger swelling and other bad results.


The Professional tool of Moissanite Ring Measurement

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There is a measuring rod specially used for measuring the size. The two ends of this tool are of different thicknesses and have a size scale on them. Put the ring that needs to be measured on the ring measuring rod and observe the value in addition to the scale. These ring-size bars are commonly found in jewelry stores and can also be bought online.


Size is an important consideration when you buying a Moissanite ring. It is best to have worn the right one before and purchase it in accordance with the standard size of the Moissanite ring before. If there is no standard ring size to refer to, here we are going to teach you how to measure it at home.

Find a thin rope, wrap it around your finger and mark it on the joint. Use a ruler to measure the length of the rope you marked before. Then you can know the size of your rings by referring to the ring-size measurement scale.

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It is worth mentioning the size of the general Moissanite ring can be adjusted, the business is by the ring-size modification service, which can be changed and changed about 2 sizes. Some people wear Moissanite rings for a long time, the size is not appropriate, you can also contact the business to modify it.

What If I Order the Wrong Ring Size Online?

 This issue will not annoy you when you buy a Moissanite ring at Moissan Le Gemme, we provide 30 -days exchange policy for our customer convenience. We also have the size chart which can help our customer to get their suitable Moissanite ring.  

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Points To Note In Moissanite Ring Measurement.

To get a perfect size, please follow the correct measurement procedure:

  1. The oversize or undersize of the Moissanite rings: If you are having a hard time deciding between two ring sizes, go for the larger one. It is much easier to resize it. Size of different Moissanite rings types: If the ring is wide than normal, it will feel tighter than others of the same size, so choose a slightly larger diameter. Wedding Moissanite band and Engagement Moissanite rings worn together such as a wedding set that is more than 4 or 5 mm wide require special consideration.
  2. Oversized Beads: If the Moissanite ring is too big, insert small gold balls into the inside of it to tighten the ring and prevent it from spinning on your finger or falling off. This method is especially suitable for people with thick knuckles. In addition, for patients with arthritis, a mechanical ring can also be installed on it. Remove the embedded beads when the finger grows.
  3. The environment can affect the measurement: the weather, altitude, and different times of day, the fingers can also expand and contract. As a result, Moissanite rings size will be measured differently in winter and summer and will be measured differently on a cool morning and a hot afternoon. In addition, high and low humidity can also cause swelling and contraction of the fingers. Altitude also has an effect, such as when flying or climbing mountains, finger thickness changes. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing the size of the rings.
  4. Comfortable Fit: Moissanite-ring should be placed firmly on the finger, but not so tight that it is uncomfortably tight. The Moissanite ring must be big enough to slip through your knuckles but not slip off while working, playing, or washing your hands.
  5. Multiple measurements: 3 to 4 measurements to improve accuracy. To measure the ring size, place the string or strip of paper around the root of the finger and mark it with a pin at the intersection. Then measure the length of the string or strip of paper and select a Moissanite ring size like the one on the rings size table. Different countries use different standards to measure Moissanite rings sizes.