Everything You Need to Know about Moissanite

Everything You Need to Know about Moissanite

History Of Moissanite?

The semiconductor industry has been producing silicon carbide since the 1980s, at that time no one in the jewelry industry could have predicted these same silicon-carbide gemstones would appear with a colorless quality.
Charles & Colvard was founded in 1995 and first introduced Moissanite jewelry in the late 1990s.
In 1996 the United States C3 Inc., the company obtained that gemstone production patent technology, the exclusive production of it and is also the first moissanite gemstone production company in the world.
In 1998, the company received a patent to produce artificial silicon-carbide (" SiC ") gems.
Forever Classic is the only rating available in the color range from I-J-K of this gemstone.
In 2012, A more transparent form of this gemstone was developed by Charles and Colvard called Forever Brilliant. Forever Brilliant's diamonds are comparable to G-H color. Finally, in 2015, the company released "Forever One," the best clarity of Moissanite engagement ring.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 1: Source: Library of Congress

What Is Moissanite?

The chemical name of Moissanite is synthetic silicon-carbide, its appearance, and diamond similar, with at least 10 times the magnifying glass to observe its contents to identify. Moissanite is a natural mineral found in impact craters that have been on Earth for 50,000 years. Its chemical composition is Sic, nearly colorless, refractive index 2.56-2.69, dispersion 0.104, birefringence index 0.043, hardness 9.25, density 3.22 g/cm3.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 2: Picture from Instore Magazine

What Are the Benefits of Moissanite?

 The Moissanite rings not only has more than 2.5 times of brilliance effect that rivals diamond. It is also harder than many natural gems. In terms of price, it is said that the price of it is only one-tenth of the price of a diamond ring, which is also a key factor to attract consumers to buy.

Moissan Le Gemme

 Figure 3: Picture by MoissaniteCorp


 Moissanite vs. Diamond?

  1. Moissanite’s brilliance is more than 2.5 times of the diamond brilliance, with white light directly shot at the stone, you can see the difference between these two gemstones.
  2. Components are different, diamond is carbon element C, Moissanite is Sic, which from the outside or with the test drill pen is impossible to distinguish.
  3. The hardness of a diamond is 10. The hardness of Moissanite is about 9.25. You can use them to cut the glass, and the diamond won’t be damaged, although the hardness is high, both are afraid of violent falls and collisions.
  4. Different densities, measured with diiodide methane (density 3.32 g/cm3) solution, the Moissanite rises, and the diamond sinks.
  5. Refractive index is different, with 10 times magnification, diamond due to high hardness, after grinding the facet will be extremely smooth, and the facet and facet between the edges of the contact are very sharp.
  6. Different inclusions. Under the magnifying glass, diamond inclusions are mostly cloud or point inclusions, and rarely needle-like. The inclusions of Moissanite are mostly columnar and lamellar.
  7. Fire, diamond burning in 2000°C pure oxygen, will directly sublimate without impurities, this gemstone will have a slight yellow situation, but after cooling it will return to its original state.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 4: Picture from HK supplier.

Gemstones Parameters

 Moissanite is a type of silicon carbide, and it is also called Carborundum, which has a 0.104 greater dispersion than diamond (0.044), a 2.65-2.69 refractive index (diamond 2.42). Compare with other gemstones it has the best brilliance than others.

Moissan Le Gemme 

 Figure 5: Source from Charles & Colvard


 How To Grade Moissanite?

 The international standard to grade Moissanite is 4C: the carat, the clarity, the color, and the cutting.
The Carat: Moissanite weighs in carats. 1 carat =200 mg =0.2 g. A carat is divided into one hundred parts, and each part is called one cent, 0.75 carat is 75 cents, and 0.09 carat is 9 cents. Under other similar conditions, its value will increase by its weight. The same weight will vary in value due to their color, clarity, and cut.
The Clarity: Because Moissanite is grown in a laboratory, they usually have better clarity and are excellent looking even when viewed under a 10x magnification. Inlaid this gemstone divides again for general 5 levels: extremely good, very good, good, and not bad. It is generally recommended to buy SI and above grade of this gemstone.
The Color: The color of this crystal is usually divided into light yellow, nearly colorless, and transparent colorless has three categories: Colorless, near colorless, and yellow from low to high divided into N to D and other 11 levels, of which D, E, F level is defined as transparent colorless, G to L level is defined as nearly colorless, M and N level is light yellow. When you want to check the color of the Moissanite engagement ring, be sure to watch it against a pure white background, so that the color is easier to see.
The Cutting: Moissanite engagement ring processes into a variety of different shapes to meet the needs of different consumers. But the degree of excellence of the cutting process will also directly affect the fire brilliance. Moissanite engagement rings in the absence of processing is no luster, only those who have been trained craftsmen to carve out the masterful shine of it.

 Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 6: GRA Certification from MoissaniteCorp

Is Moissanite Gemstone Rare?

 It has a similar appearance to diamond, with at least 10 times the magnification to observe its contents to identify. This gemstone is a natural mineral found in impact craters that have been on Earth for 50,000 years.
Most Moissanite engagement rings in the market is synthetic because the natural one is rare only appear in a meteorite crater; its color is dark green, black. For many years mainly used as abrasive, in recent years research and development in the field of electronic applications, such as light-emitting diode materials.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 7: The largest known natural moissanite crystal, found along the Kishon River in northeastern Israel, measures 4.1 mm in its longest dimension. Photo by Vered Toledo.
Figure 8: A moissanite crystal at 14 magnifications by Wikipedia.

Discovery Of Moissanite?

Naturally, the original Moissanite dates to the late 1800s. Dr. Henri Moissan discovered the inside of a meteorite crater in Arizona in 1904. He thought that was the diamond because it has a similar appearance, striking gloss, almost colorless, glassy appearance with diamond.
Until 1904 Dr. Henri Moissan realized he was wrong. He found this new crystal was silicon carbide.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 9: Arizona Crater. Photo By Steve Throner

Different Colors Of Moissanite?

Moissanite can be yellow, green, and blue, which are created by a special heating process with ion induction and not color coated. If you have bought moissanite engagement ring with other colors such as pink, red, or purple, this kind of color will be fade because they are color coated.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 10: Color Chat. source from the moissanite manufactory of China.

Value Of Moissanite?

If you're looking for a gemstone that is a cheaper alternative to diamond rings but wants a similar look, consider Moissanite engagement rings, whether it is a diamond rings or Moissanite engagement rings, their color grade is colorless for the best quality. The more transparent the more beautiful brilliant will be. The highest grade of the Moissanite engagement rings is classified as D which is preferred to purchase.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 11: Color Grading Scale

 Metaphysics Of Moissanite?

Moissanite is a rumination stone for the inner self of the wearer which can provide composure and strengthens. This gemstone also has a radiance that can help the wearer to remove darkness from the inner self and filling natural power and spiritual awakening in the wearer’s life. Here has an example: Ceida Uilyc is an avid crystal user about 10 years long. She said wearing this gemstone can clear her faults in character and aura during her spiritual work. This gemstone can help a lot more. If people have been particularly failing at any crystal ritual or calling upon the angels, this gemstone can help, because it amplifies physical healing when used with other gemstones.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 12: Picture by MoissaniteCorp

How Was Moissanite Named?

Henri Moissan found this natural crystal that closely resembles a diamond in Arizona crater.
In 1904 Dr. Moissan discovered that the crystal was made of SIC, a new mineral has never been seen before on Earth. and in 1905 Gemologist George Kunz named the crystal Moissanite in honor of Dr. Moissan.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 13: Henri Moissan by Wikipedia.

Fake Moissanite Rings

There is a kind of coated zircon on the market. It may pass the drill pen but if the film falls off, the gemstone’s surface will become gray fog, and it will not pass the drill pen. So, if you want to buy Moissanite engagement ring, do not pursue cheap, otherwise, it is easy to be cheated, of course, it does not mean to buy the expensive one. After the film dropped that will become 100% zircon, zircon has no fire color, and this kind of coating process cost won’t be over $2, and the top quality synthetic cubic zirconia cost about $1 apiece.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 14: Picture by MoissaniteCorp

The Clarity of Moissanite

It is grown in a laboratory, they usually have better clarity and are excellent looking even when viewed under a 10x magnification. According to the standards of international Inspection is subdivided into LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, Si1, Si2, P1, P2, P3 a total of 10 grades. Already inlaid Moissanite engagement rings divide again for general 5 levels: extremely good, very good, good, and not bad. We generally recommended buying SI or above grade.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissnaite

Figure 15: Clarity Template from Wikipedia

Lab Moissanite Rings

The semiconductor industry has been producing silicon carbide since the 1980s, at that time no one in the jewelry industry could have predicted the same gemstones would appear with a colorless quality. The color grade of synthetic Moissanite engagement ring is mostly graded I or I level below, and some with light green tone, which indicates that the appearance of this stone and diamond is not the same. Moissanite engagement rings optimization: previously on the market as a gem grade are mostly I, J color (yellow) and some even K, L color (light yellow).

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 16: The processing of Cutting and Polishing. Picture by manufactory of China

Is Moissanite Rings Expensive?

Because most Moissanite engagement rings are artificially cultivated, so the business of master production technology and equipment can meet the demand of mass production, once meet the demand of mass production, then the marginal cost will drop, so that are not expensive.

 Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 17: Picture by MoissaniteCorp

How Was Moissanite Formed?

 There are two kinds of Moissanite in the world: First, the natural one, which only appears in impact craters, is very rare, and its color is mostly dark green and black. The second is the synthetic one produced in the laboratory. 99% of what we see today is the artificial gemstone, the chemical name of this synthetic gemstone which is created with silicon and carbon, through a combination of pressure and heat.

 Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 18: MoissaniteCorp Engagement ring collection

The Shape of Moissanite Rings

 Moissanite engagement rings can be processed into a variety of different shapes to meet the needs of different consumers. But the degree of excellence of the cutting process will also directly affect the brilliance. there is no luster before polish the rough gemstone, only those who have been trained craftsmen to carve out the masterful shine.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 19: The Type of Cutting. Source from Google Image

Which Moissanite Cut Sparkles the Most

 Round shape cutting is the undisputed king of bright cuts. The Round-shaped has 57 carefully designed facets, from rough crystal polishing each round has the potential to become a jewelry masterpiece. The Ideal of Round shape was developed in the early 20th century by mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky, and it quickly became the most popular shape in the industry. Even in today's market, the popularity of Round-shaped has not abated. In fact, more than 70 percent sold worldwide are Round- shaped, and for good reason. Because of their versatility and shape appeal, they are a popular choice in jewelry design. More importantly, when cut to ideal proportions, a round shape Moissanite engagement ring can achieve the greatest amount of brightness and light scattering properties of any other shape. There are eight arrows from the top and eight hearts from the bottom. The standard eight arrows and eight hearts blanks lose a lot in cutting.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 20: Hearts & Arrows as seen through the viewer by MoissaniteCorp

Does Moissanite Fade?

No worry about the color of moissanite rings will be fade, but there will be luster loss because it has lipophilic, people can clean it by using some gemstone cleanser or just washed by water. Moissanite experience a temporary color change when exposed to extreme heat from a jeweler's torch during jewelry repair, but with proper bench techniques there will be no lasting damage, and the stone will return to its normal color once it cools.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 21:VVS clarity D color princess shape by Supplier

How To Clean Moissanite Rings.

 1. Moissanite rings can be washed with warm water, then gently absorb residual moisture with a soft cloth, and wipe clean. This way can make Moissanite rings stay bright. You can also mix water with alcohol, soak the jewelry in the mixture for about half an hour, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush, and blot dry with paper towels.
2. Using jewelry cleaning products. You can use a small bowl of warm water, add the right amount of clean fluid in water, immerse your jewelry in the water next, that gently brushing with a soft hair toothbrush, pocket with a net, wash with warm water under the faucet, and finally dry it with a soft cloth.
3. You also can use an ultrasonic cleaner to free your hand. Ultrasonic energy waves create millions of tiny cleaning bubbles that gently remove dirt and grime without the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing. The movement of water may seem gentle, but in fact, it produces a deep and thorough cleaning as it penetrates the most difficult areas.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 22:How to clean your jewelry. Source from Google Image

Tips For Wearing Moissanite

1. Keeping your jewelry separately to avoid scratching. When you not wearing it, please store the gemstone separately in the jewelry box. Because the hardness of this gemstone will scratch other jewelry in friction. It should not be worn at the same time as gold jewelry, because gold is soft. If it is rubbed against each other, it will not only damage the gold jewelry but also make the gold dye on the platinum, so that it becomes yellow and is difficult to remove.
2. Avoid violence: Many inlays adorn articles although the base is designed very strong, violent vibration can be damaged to its somewhat. For example, some people’s work is about knocking, then it is necessary to remove this kind of gemstone jewelry to avoid wear and tear. It is not suitable to wear a Moissanite to do heavy work. It is hard and wear-resistant, but if it is hit in the direction of its texture, it is likely to be damaged. how harder of the thing is, the more brittle it is.
3. Acid-based chemicals will erode the surface of this gemstone, reducing its beauty, and may damage its internal structural molecules, making its texture lose. Some drugs can produce chemical reactions on jewelry, making jewelry discoloration and deterioration. Therefore, the products containing acid and base chemicals are not suitable for this gemstone together. All jewelry avoids sulfur, emerald avoids insecticide, other chemical sprays.
4. Avoid high-temperature exposure environments. This gemstone in strong sunlight or high-temperature environment will make its internal structure molecular expansion cracks, even result in it be broken. Therefore, do not place it near a heat source.
5. Oil pollution prevention. When doing housework (especially when washing dishes), it is necessary to take off the Moissanite jewelry and avoid direct contact with a large amount of oil. If you feel that has not just started to flash, you can dilute the hand sanitizer detergent with a soft brush to clean. We must not use toothpaste cleaning jewelry, this is a popular maintenance error, toothpaste has a hard small particle, although not on the Moissanite or diamond damage, but easy to wear gold and silver jewelry.
6. Radiation is supposed to be the bane of many gemstones, and if a Moissanite is irradiated, its color is likely to change. Do not naively think that their white diamond will become a color diamond, after radiation changes in the color of the it is irreversible. So, it is important to keep your gemstone safe from radiation.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 23:Gemstone oil test from manufactory


How does it function

 Moissanite testers apply a probe tip on the top of the equipment to detect the index of the gemstones waiting for testing. It is quite easy to distinguish moissanite gemstone from the other diamond simulants. The needle functions with thermal connectivity to work out the concrete result. To use the testers, people must put the needle slightly on the top of the gemstones being identified. The level of the thermal connectivity could be calculated if it is a positive number, the tester device will remind you. In general, you could recognize the fluctuation of the thermal levels on the meter at one side of the device. Well, it really depends on the version of the device. If the gemstone is diamonding the device will showcase a right symbol on the screen and make an alarming sound to tell you that the gemstone is the real diamond. The signal reveals a positive result. The whole process could be finished within a few seconds so that no one must wait for the result for more than a minute. On the contrary, if the gemstone is real, the device will not have the sound and symbol on the screen to show you that the gemstone is.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 24: Picture from Diamant Agentur - Goldankauf, Leihhaus & Juwelier Youtube Channel

Helpful Functions in Moissanite Testers

 Now, most testers contain detectors inside the devices that will remind you if the needle has slid out of them. It is a practical feature since it will ensure the needle will not keep the record of any metal movements surrounds the moissanite and diamond. Some gemstone testers with the LED screen on the side of the devices and the high-tech models will not beep as the other common models. On the contrary, the high-end types would emit a steady red or green light on the LED screen to indicate it is genuine or fake.
The magnifier is another cutting-edge function that some models own. A magnifier qualifies you to observe the diamond surface or moissanite surface and search it more strictly to determine whether blur and defect exist or not.
The devices run on batteries, and it is convenient for users to take it away from home to use it because you gave no need to find an outlet to give electricity to your testers. You could store it in your pockets and take it out for use anytime and anywhere. What’s more, you must prepare some batteries in advance to keep the testers always available when necessary.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure 25: Picture from Google Image

Skin Tone Match with Moissanite ring color

It is common to select the favorite color for your jewelry. Well, this can’t appropriate with many people because it is quite easy to be trapped into the strait and make an embarrassment upon your wearing outfits if you don’t take your skin tone into account. Moissanite engagement ring could be applied in several hues, therefore it is significant to figure out the relationship between gem colors and skin tones. In general skin tone could have two types and you should identify which kind of skin tone you have. It is not a hard course and there have been so much information on the Internet now, everyone could estimate the tone by himself or herself.

  • Warm skin tone: Rose gold, brass and copper jewelry is quite consistent with warm skin tone.
  • Cool skin tone: Light silver, white gold and platinum are quite appropriate with light skin tone.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

Figure26: Engagement ring collection by MoissaniteCorp

Style a Moissanite Ring with Your Outfit

It is best to decide what clothes to wear first and then choose your jewelry pieces. But if you achieve the step the other way around it could be very confused and terrible.

  •  And the solid-colored moissanite engagement ring could accompany with the patterned clothes, it is the best choice.
  •  Multi-colored moissanite rings are actually the best fit with the plainclothes.
  •  If you are in white and black, I would recommend a bright-colored gemstones for you to make yourselves stand out from the crowds with the brilliance.
  •  Your nail polish image and accessories are two factors to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about the choosing rings.

All the matching factors could add to your fashion quotation.

Moissan Le Gemme Moissnaite

Figure 27: MoissaniteCorp Collection


Moissanite wedding rings are very cost-effective

When a person decides to make their relationships further, he or she have to prepare the wedding rings in advance. Nevertheless it is a challenging task to find out a perfect wedding rings for the spouses. The traditional meaning endowed with the wedding rings is a long-lasting commitment. Though the diamond wedding rings symbolize loyalty, they are quite cost. So the alternative, moissanite wedding rings, are great choices which have great worth are so affordable.
You should get to know that moissanite wedding rings are so cutting-edge which are made in labs are shaped in a variety of sizes and cuts. It is easy to understand the reason why there is the trend of opting for moissanite wedding rings rather than diamonds now.
Just contact us and now start your moissanite journey!

Moissan Le Gemme Moissanite

 Figure 28: MoissaniteCorp Jewelry


Where To Buy the Best Moissanite?

 In honor of Henri Moissan who was the discoverer this fancy gemstone, we decided to call our brand MoissaniteCorp. Our gemstone is conflict-free and Eco-friendly which is the high quality in the market. We minus the traditional markup to let our customers can afford high-quality never fade delicate jewelry. Shop at MoissaniteCorp you can enjoy luxury without excess. We certify that all our gemstones are authentic and come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty. (GRA). Our goal is to provide the best quality with affordable price. That's why we're trending away from over-marketed Moissanite and introducing conflict-free and environmentally friendly. It's a different way to do it, that is our best way. It's a new revolution of the market and a new generation of Jewelry.

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 Figure 26: Certificate of Authenticity by MoissaniteCorp